Garage Door Repair/Replacement

A few panels not doing so good on your garage door? We can replace them anywhere in Phoenix! In an instance that a panel or a group of panels gets damaged on your garage door, do not fret. It is much cheaper to replace a panel or two than to get a whole replacement garage door, which would cost over a thousand dollars, depending on the door. If your garage door is in good shape other than a few panels being bent, broken or busted, it would make sense to get only those panels replaced. The flip side to this argument is when a large number of panels are in need of repair or replacement, at that point it might be more cost effective in the long run to order a completely new door.

We Work With All Garage Door Panel Brands

you have to pick out a garage door panel style that fits your home correctly. So if you’re living in a Craftsman type bungalow, you may need doors that are like the swing-out doors that are found on the garages that were behind the early Craftsman homes of the past. Most of the manufacturers of your modern roll-up garage doors create them in new styles that tend to mimic all of the old swing doors as well. Garage doors with the real and true frame-and-panel construction style tend to be much sturdier than the ones with the decorative and elaborate detail that is normally only glued or nailed on in most cases. Choose from Wood, Steel and Aluminum garage door panels.