Garage Door Rollers Repair

Rollers are an important part of a garage door mechanism. If your rollers are not working as they should, the garage door will wear out much faster. Rollers are the wheels that move the assembly up and down, back and forth. They are wearing out occasionally and need to be replaced. When your rollers become slow, squeaky, or get off the track, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

In order to replace old or damaged rollers, there is no need to remove any hinges or bolts. What is commonly done is popping the rollers off the track, switch them out for new rollers and put them back in. Once the installation is done,  we’ll show you how it can safely and easily be done by yourself in case of a similar occurance in the future.

Garage door rollers come in metal, plastic, or nylon. Nylon rollers are considered to be the optimal ones for most doors. For other spare parts, including a torsion spring repair kit, torsion cables, bottom seal, hinge, bracket, roller axle, etc. we will offer a detailed catalog which you can choose from.

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