Garage Door Safety Inspection

Our service package doesn’t sum up in showing up at your door and fix the specific part you want us to fix. We will also perform a safety inspection with any service where we thoroughly assess every part of your garage door system. By taking these steps, we won’t only solve the issues that are troubling you, but also spot potential problems and fix them before they inflict further damage on your door.

This type of proactive, preventative approach will keep you away from headaches and hassles in the future and help you save a substantial amount of money. It can also protect your car from damage and safeguard you and your family from injuries.

Our inspection includes:

– Evaluating the balance of your door – Checking the springs, cables, rollers, drums, safety cables, truss rods, and spring anchors.
– Testing that the pulleys work properly.
– Lubricating the hinges and other relevant parts.
– Inspecting the door’s bottom weather seal to see if it prevents rain, wind, and moisture from entering your garage.
– Checking the garage door panels and ensuring they’re sturdy and durable.
– Testing your garage door openers remote control and control panel to see if they function properly.
– Assessing the motor, bell wire, safety eyes, and safety reverse of your garage door opener.

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