Garage Door Maintenance

Along with our garage door mobile services comes our full garage door maintenance package. With every service you’ll receive from us, we will perform an inspection of your assembly and make sure there are no worn parts and other safety concerns which can cause future problems. Among our tests:

Garage Door Balance Test – Performing this test will make sure that the balance of your garage door is not putting too much pressure on the pulleys and springs.

Reversing Mechanism Test (Automatic Garage Doors) – making sure that your door will bounce back up if something prevents it from closing completely. It is important to make sure that the edge sensor in your assembly is working correctly.

Photo Eye Test – This test makes sure that your photo eyes are working properly and will reverse the door if something is in the way. We will adjust and clean your photo eyes if necessary.

Force Setting Test – Makes sure that the force being applied by the door in a downward direction is at a safe level. we will lower it if necessary.

Lubrication – We will apply a spray lubricant to the door’s hinges, rollers and tracks to ensure a long life to your parts.

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